Year 7 camp

The 2012 Year 7 Camp to Dampier was organised by South Hedland Primary School and Yandeyarra R.C.S and Marble Bar P.S got to come along too!

Read the accounts from our year 7 s: Dequarne, Shonoah, Zachariah and Jahmarley.

“On Tuesday, we went to the Rio Tinto site to have a look what they are doing there.  After we went to Rio Tinto we went back to the camp school and got dressed up then we went down to the beach and did some activities like making a shower. We had a lot of fun in the water with the Marble Bar and South Hedland kids. We had a big water fight. After we got out of the water we went back to the camp and we all had a shower then we went to our room.

I think Dampier camp was a good camp for the Year 7 kids.” – By Dequarne


“On Thursday at Dampier camp school we got up early and had a shower. At 7:30 we had breakfast. After breakfast we had a dorm inspection at 8:30 and at 9:00 we went on a boat trip to Sam’s Island. We got to do all these activities like fishing, snorkelling, biscuiting and treasure hunting.

The activity I liked the most was biscuiting because you can have lots of fun. Me and one other girl went on it, her name is Jule.  She fell off first, I didn’t fall off, I stayed on the longest.

After that we had lunch and after lunch we played in the water. Other things I did with Joneen and Jamie-Lee was playing in the sand.  I was all sandy then Jonen said “I will dig a hole and I’ll put you in it” and they both put me in the hole and Jamie lee took a photo and after that it was getting late but not that late.

We had to be in the same groups that we were in the morning. Then went we got back to the beach we had to put the boats back in the trailer and when we were done the bus driver John picked us up.  

We played around for a while after that we had dinner and after dinner we had desert and then we had a quiz night. We had to be in different groups the first round it was bad but the second round it was much better and after one other team won. The quiz night was fun. After that we watched a movie and after we had to go to sleep and on Friday we had to pack up.”   – By Shonaoh


“On Friday we woke up very early. We had breakfast and we went to Karratha to do a little bit of shopping. I saw a Kangaroos photo and it had a new man playing for the Kangaroos and he was black. I bought a Chris Brown CD.

It was great at the Dampier Camp!” – By Zachariah


“On Friday we woke up early to have a shower. After we had breakfast then we packed up and put our entire things in the bus. Then we had a school photo. We got on the bus and drove to Karratha. When we were driving we were counting how many red cars we saw. When arrived at Karratha we went shopping and the first thing I bought was a new hat and then I bought a watch and another hat. Then we went to McDonalds and we went back to the bus. When we arrived at Roebourne we went and saw the old jail. When we arrived at the Yandeyarra turn off it had Sir Peter Jensen and Mrs. Sasha Dunn waiting for us. We got off the bus and put all of our bags in the school cars and we went home.” – By Jahmarley