20190813_135518In term 3, a group of Year 5/6 Yandeyarra students, together with staff Nic, Aarron and Leah went to the J.D Centre in South Hedland for a hands-on science expo.

20190813_091158Building a robot hand; this was tricky because you needed to be precise with measuring and cutting. Leah was a big help with this. This was also Lashauna’s favourite activity. We played a Lego barrier game. It was challenging because we had to give clear instructions for our partners to follow.

We also had to build a tall tower made out of marshmallows and spaghetti to survive a jelly earthquake. It was hard not to eat the marshmallows. We think Laquiesha, Kiefer and Aarron may have sneaked a marshmallow to eat!

20190813_093858Programing a robot vehicle was good fun learning how to enter commands in the iPad for the robot to drive a square route. We got close, but not a perfect square. Our last activity was building a rocket. This was lots of fun and we got to test how long it stayed in the air before crash landing. Some kids were dangerously trying to catch the rockets on their way down.

We all felt really happy to do this event because we got to sleep over and talk late into the night. And the next day was super fun to do all the cool learning activities.

A huge thanks to the Hedland Network Schools for arranging the camp, and to Leah and Aarron and Nic for helping and having fun with us. It was a super awesome event.