Desert Feet Tour 2012


Yandeyarra Community Concert 3rd July 2012

The Desert Feet Tour hit Yandeyarra again this year! We had a community BBQ and concert, which was a great way to celebrate NAIDOC in Yandeyarra.

Damien Thornber and the Orphans, The Mong, Bryte MC and the Yande kids rocked the stage with some great music and dancing too! Bryte’s beatbox version of wipeout certainly had the crowd cheering!

Thanks to all the parents and helpers for making the great damper, roo stew, beef stew, beef and vegetable skewers, and as in all new age cuisine; cultural fusion: NAIDOC chilli con carne! Yum!

In the spirit of NAIDOC, we joined our school assembly to the evening. A big well done to all the kids who got awards: we had a huge list of kids getting attendance awards, and the class awards for positive attitude and achievement. We are very proud of everyone, particularly those people who have tried very hard and made huge improvements in their attendance.

Unfortunately, the Jigalong Band didn’t make it for the concert but The Yandeyarra kids stepped up and took over the stage singing their brand new Yandeyarra songs, My Yande Home and even some One Direction! Our songs should be up on the Desert Feet page soon.

Music Workshop

Thanks to BHP and the many other sponsors for making the Desert Feet Tour possible and for bringing it to Yandeyarra for the second year.

The kids really enjoyed the music workshops, and recording their own songs. We hope you all enjoyed your stay.

We had some deadly dancing – check out these pics…