Hands Across Australia

Yandeyarra - Winners of the Primary Category

Congratulations to everyone at Yandeyarra Remote Community School for winning the Primary Category of the 2012 Creative Change Generation One Hands Across Australia competition!

Click here to watch the video

Click here to watch the announcement!

Click here to listen to the ABC radio interview with Miss Nicole.

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Hands Across Australia – Generation One

The Generation One CREATivE CHANGE school competition winners will be announced on Thursday 22nd November at 11am WA time!

There were lots of great Hands Across Australia videos from all over Australia. Good luck everyone!

Click here to see the winning schools.

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ABC Open Movies

ABC Open visited Yandeyarra – students shot portraits and videos from around the community. Click a movie to watch now!

Thanks to Paul Bray and ABC Open for working with the Yandeyarra RCS students to produce these great movies!









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Yandeyarra School is part of the Hedland Healthy Children’s Festival for 2012. We are participating in the inter-school cook off and will be meeting some great chefs!

Please come and visit us in the Yandeyarra Tent and try our food!

Come along, have fun and don’t forget to vote for Yandeyarra! More info

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It was great to have NAIDOC falling in the school term, and Yandeyarra celebrated with school awards, a community BBQ and concert for everyone in the community.

We had some great helpers making damper and stews throughout the day, and music and dancing competitions until late in the night. As a very wise Yandeyarra lady once said ‘ it’s not NAIDOC without dancing!’ Read more-

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Friday Sport

Friday Sport was another great whole school game, and a special thanks to Mr Peter, Miss Sasha and Miss Nicole who also joined in this week. Well done to Captain Jahmarley and Captain Jessica – your teams worked hard. Final Scores: Mr Whippy vs All Stars 

   19         -        14

Winners: Mr Whippy

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School Visit

13th June

Thanks to Hedland YIC, the David Wirrpanda Foundation will visit us tomorrow for some leadership and sports. Should be a fun day…

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In Yandeyarra 3-5 July

Not long until the 2012 Desert Feet Tour, coming to Yandeyarra. This event will be part of our NAIDOC event. It will be a great community night.

All Yandeyarra Bands – get practicing and Dancers – get your moves ready! We will be recording some more songs, so start thinking about some lines for a rap or song because we want to be bigger and better than last year! If you know anyone that can play an instrument, sing or dance – get them involved!

Find out more about what other communities have done, and listen to their music here.

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Friday Sport

We had a good game of foot-tee for Friday sport this afternoon, with Derwin’s Bulldogs scoring 7 runs and Hawthorn scoring 9 runs. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs lost 8 points (and a bad point) meaning they scored minus 2 overall!! Better luck next week :)

Final Score:

Bulldogs: -2                              Hawthorn: 6


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Tuesday was a busy day with basketball games and music and dance workshops, thanks to the up4it visit…read more-

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