WorldSkills Commercial Cooking Competition


Masterclass dishes

Masterclass dishes

Yandeyarra students had the unique opportunity to join the Pilbara WorldSkills Commercial Cookery Competition held in Karratha at the end of Term 2.

Read this article written by student Shonoah Coppin:


Yandeyarra Cutting Through The Competition

–          By Shonoah Coppin

On the 18th and 19th of June, 4 Yandeyarra students took part in the World Skills Cooking Competition at Karratha Senior High School along with 11 Karratha students. The event was the Pilbara selection of the World Skills Competition happening all across Australia.

The day before the competition, the Yandeyarra students along with their teacher Jessica Albers, travelled for about 4 hours to Karratha for the event. They got to the school, where they joined with the Karratha students for a master class with their judge Vicky D’Souza, who demonstrated how to cook duck with raspberry jus and merengue with lemon curd. YUM!

Tamika Herbert, a student from Yandeyarra said – “it’s the best duck with raspberry jus she’s ever tasted.” On the big day, Yandeyarra and Karratha students arrived at 8:00 to get themselves prepared for the big competition.

For entrée they cooked bruschetta ready for judging in 45 minutes. After that shake-up to get them ready, students had to start on the hardest meal of them all; chicken and beans with mustard sauce. What made it hard was they had to prepare it to their own recipe, within 90 minutes. The students were all relieved and ready for the final dish, dessert. After a 10 minute break, they had 60 minutes to prepare, all the students were giving it their best effort to make it their greatest dish yet! When the dessert was on the plate the students were all happy because the big competition was all over.

The judges tallied the scores while students waited for the closing ceremony, to the finally hear results. The winner for the Pilbara, a Karratha student Nicholas Hall, who put a lot of effort and thought in his dishes – congratulations Nicholas!

Teacher from Yandeyarra, Jessica Albers said– “I thought the competition was a wonderful opportunity to join a professional event, and I’m very proud of the students.” Student from Yandeyarra, Jamie-lee Flatfoot said – “it was a wonderful experience to cook at the World Skills Competition”. Another student, Leeanna Wiggan, said “the competition was a tough at first but then at the end it was a successful day for everyone.”

Check out the MasterClass with Vicky D’Souza:

The competition was a great experience for all students.